Strength24 is an extraordinary dietary supplement that marries ancient wisdom with modern science to promote optimal cellular health. Enzymes are proteins built by the body that dramatically increase the efficiency of chemical reactions in all cells in all systems.

The ability to build these enzymes declines with age. Strength24 invigorates the production of Ca2+ATPase, an enzyme found in every cell in the body to restore and maintain cellular and systemic health. This return to dynamic equilibrium leads to improvements in muscle performance and recovery, sleep, bladder function, inflammatory response, and more.


Ca2+ATPase is an enzyme that maintains optimal intracellular calcium levels in all human eukaryotic cells. There are two principal types, PMCA and SERCA, each with multiple sub-types.

Plasma Membrane Ca2+ATPase, or PMCA, is a transport protein that resides in the plasma membrane and acts as an ion pump to remove excess Ca2+ from inside the cell, thereby maintaining proper cell signaling, as well as contributing to optimal calcium levels in extracellular fluids such as lymph and blood. Ca2+, as a second messenger, can greatly amplify cell signaling. Excess calcium levels cause noise and signaling inaccuracies which can compromise cell function and health.

Sarcoplasmic Reticulum ATPase, known as SERCA, plays a critical role in all three types of muscle tissue; skeletal, smooth and cardiac. In each case, it is SERCA that transfers Ca2+ from the cytosol of the muscle cell back to the lumen of the sacroplasmic reticulum during relaxation and to prepare for the next contraction. The lack of available SERCA enzyme quantities sufficient to maintain muscle fiber recovery cycles leads to muscle fatigue and then to muscle exhaustion.

The ramifications of a shortage of either type of CA2+ATPase are clear – compromised function leading to declines in cellular, system, and overall health. The endoplasmic form of the SERCA enzyme performs the same function in every non-muscle cell in the body.


Jasmine and Ca2+ATPase

Jasmonates are a family of plant stress hormones found in minute quantities in many species of plants, and most abundantly in the volatile portion of the oil extracted from jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers and their oils have been in constant use by humans for their nutrient and healing properties for several centuries, with the isolation and use of jasmonates beginning in the early 1960s.

Jasmonates are oxygenated fatty acids characterized by cyclopentone rings, and have many health promoting attributes, including: reversal of skeletal muscle degeneration caused by malnutrition and disease, relieving psychological stress, treating dry skin and more. Specifically, jasmonates have been found to increase the body’s ability to produce Ca2+ATPase.

Why it is important to support the production of Ca2+Atpase

In addition to aging, numerous environmental toxins inhibit Ca2+ATPase. These include mercury, lead, fluoride, aluminum, pesticides, electromagnetic fields, radiation and second hand smoke. Food dyes, artificial flavoring and preservatives such as BHT and Bis-phenol also inhibit this key enzyme. In addition to sleep, muscle function, and urinary control, numerous chronic diseases including developmental delays, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer are linked to reduced Ca2+ATPase levels. Ca2+Atpase is crucial for optimal health and Strength24 can help counter the toxic exposure we all encounter in the everyday world.

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