Muscle Fatigue

Tired of not feeling as strong as you used to? Does it take you longer to recover from workouts or long days of travel? Muscle fatigue is a real drag, in life and at the gym. It can slow you down, making everything more difficult than it used to be. Strength 24 can help.

Strength 24 increases Ca2+ATPase in skeletal muscles which results in:

  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased muscle recovery

Muscle contraction is dependent on calcium. Calcium is released from a cellular storage vesicle (sarcoplasmic reticulum) into the cell which then triggers muscle contraction. After the calcium is released and the contraction has occurred, the calcium must then be pumped back into the storage vesicle so that there will be adequate calcium for the next contraction. Ca2+ATPase is the pump that moves calcium out of the cell and into the storage vesicle.

As we age Ca2+ATPase levels decline resulting in reduced skeletal muscle strength. In addition, exercise reduces, in a sense, uses up Ca2+ATPase. In other words, the Ca2+ATPase levels cannot keep up with the increased flow of calcium due to the repetitive muscle contractions. As a result, muscles lose their ability to contract. The outcome is muscle fatigue.

When Ca2+ATPase levels are increased by Strength 24, muscles are able to work longer before fatigue. You can push yourself harder and for longer which stimulates muscle growth. Finally, increased Ca2+ATPase levels speed muscle recovery as calcium levels can be normalized more rapidly.